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MegaPhase Releases NEW Technical Reference Manual
May 21, 2018
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June 21, 2018

Visit MegaPhase at IMS 2018 In Booth #2309

MegaPhase® UltraPhase™ Series Cable

  • Phase Stable Over Temperature
  • Phase & Amplitude Stable v. Flex
  • Low Loss
  • No PTFE “Knee” From +15 to +22 °C
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Light Weight
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High Performance VN Series Cable Assemblies

  • Phase Stable
  • Low VSWR
  • Repeatable
  • Armored
  • Wide Variety of Connector Combinations
  • Excellent Flexibility
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Phase3™ Ultra Low Loss Cables

  • Ultra Low Loss
  • Excellent Shielding Effectiveness -110 dB
  • Low VSWR
  • Helical Foil/Braid Outer Conductor
  • Super Flexible
  • Light Weight
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MegaPhase also offers a full line of RF Components to meet all your needs. Everything from N-Way Power Dividers, 90° Quadrature Hybrids, Directional Couplers to Power Dividers, as well as custom capabilities for Splitters, Mixers & Frequency Doublers, I & Q Networks, Phase Shifters, and more.

Proper care and handling of cable assemblies and connector interfaces is critical to insuring accurate operation. When connectors are not properly mated or cared for, there is a risk of damaging test ports and mating devices. To help ensure your cable assemblies and connector interfaces remain in good condition, MegaPhase has put together detailed instructions for inspecting, cleaning, gauging, and other preparation, maintenance, and storage information. This informative White Paper is available at Care And Handling Of Cable Assemblies And Connectors

It’s also critical to choose the right cables/connectors for your specific requirements. MegaPhase makes it easy with a complete selection including:

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