MegaPhase cable assemblies were used in several space programs, including the first rendezvous with the asteroid Itikawa, the successful 7-year Hayabusa mission, and other missions like Jupiter 3, Echostar, Sirius XM, Worldview Legion, and Intelstat 40. Our involvement in the Hayabusa program concluded with flawless telemetry, demonstrating our expertise in space technology.


Megaphase offers comprehensive support for a variety of missile systems. Some of these have included the highly advanced SM3Paveway IINetFiresRF TOW, and Griffin. With Megaphase cables, you can be confident in the reliable operation of your missile systems.

Global Security & C5ISR

MegaPhase is a leading provider to the US Armed Forces and its Allies. Our strong legacy of reliable past performance, relentless quality and technical capability the Warfighter can trust. With fast prototypes and ramp-to-production times, MegaPhase is a recognized leader for sensors, ECM, ISR and communications systems. Our heritage includes CREW, Prophet, TPS and JTRS, many featuring the Warrior Cable®.

Military Airborne & Unmanned Systems

MegaPhase designs and manufactures cable assemblies meeting the rigorous standards for Military airborne applications (MIL-T-81490). With a range of lightweight cable assemblies, including our patented high frequency hermetics, our heritage is expanding. Our products are employed on telemetry, ISR and EW systems including E-2D, ARES, VUIT-2, V-22, Hunter, CEC and Guardrail.

Telecom, Broadband & Mobile Backhaul

MegaPhase products offer very low insertion loss and low PIM (-165dBc). With capability through 110 GHz our products are installed in multi-gigabit data links and backhaul, and widely used in production and field test applications.

Instruments & Automated Testing

MegaPhase was built on providing phase stable external accessory cables for vector, scalar and spectrum measurements. Today our products are an important part of advanced automated test equipment systems for mobile devices, semiconductors, industrial automation and other RF and Microwave Components.

SATCOM & Broadcast

MegaPhase supports a wide variety of antennas, ground communications and other critical components of integrated satellite communications systems. Our products are an essential link in the transmission and reception in a range of systems from Deep Space Network to commercial satellite radio.