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Test & Measurement Cables

Our test & measurement cables provide customers with a competitive edge over ordinary cable designs by addressing three important criteria for testing electronic components and systems: phase stability, insertion loss stability, and repeatable measurements for the cable’s useful life. This enables MegaPhase customers to calibrate most test sets with a rate of recurrence far less than competitive products, and therefore achieve the lowest cost per measurement™ and more reliable test results.

RF & Microwave Cables

Low Loss, Low VSWR for Integrated Systems: MegaPhase also manufactures high-performance RF coaxial cables using GrooveTube® technology for high power and phase-defined systems, including electronic warfare, telecommunications equipment, and many other RF platforms on the ground, sea, air, and space.

RF Components

Passive RF components from MegaPhase cover a wide range of frequencies, power levels, and applications. MegaPhase offers a variety of directional couplers, power dividers/combiners, and quad hybrids in narrowband and ultra-broadband designs ranging from 0.5 MHz to 46 GHz. The in-house engineering team brings decades of experience and knowledge designing and manufacturing RF components for military, commercial, and space applications.


MegaPhase is an Engineering-focused company utilizing the latest EM simulation and 3D modeling software packages to deliver state-of-the-art microwave coax connector designs for ultra-high frequencies with precision level performance. When standard off-the-shelf interconnect does not meet your application requirements, MegaPhase is your partner in cutting-edge solutions. MegaPhase technical experts have over 20 years of experience designing solutions for the Aerospace, Defense, and Telecommunication markets.

Adapters & Accessories

Browse the collection MegaPhase adapters and accessories designed to extend the functionality and life of your cable assemblies. View our specially designed Factory Form Right Angle design and some of our most popular accessories including our torque wrenches (break-over style) and torque-limiting screwdrivers, Oasis® custom cable, and adapter kits.