Corporate Background

The Path to Excellence

MegaPhase designs, manufactures and markets high performance RF coaxial cables and connectors to OEMs building advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, such as test instrumentation, defense electronics, homeland defense, satellites, broadband data and communications systems. MegaPhase’s core product is its industry-leading GrooveTube® technology, a unique cable design used in high reliability applications including test & measurement systems. MegaPhase has over 500 active customers in 30 countries, including the biggest names in electronic technology, as well as the US Government and its allies.

Core Technology, Products & Applications through 110 GHz

  • Test & Measurement Cables: MegaPhase technology, including GrooveTube®, provides a clear advantage to customers by addressing three important criteria for testing electronic components and systems: phase stability, insertion loss stability and repeatable measurements for the cable’s useful life. This enables MegaPhase customers to calibrate most test sets with rate of recurrence far less than competitive products, and therefore achieve the Lowest Cost Per Measurement™ and more reliable test results.
  • RF & Microwave Interconnect Cables: Low Loss, Low VSWR for Integrated Systems from DC-110 GHz. 35 cable types are available including GrooveTube® technology for high power and phase-defined systems, including electronic warfare, telecommunications equipment and many other RF platforms on the ground, sea, air and space.
  • RF & Microwave Connectors: MegaPhase offers the High-Density Interconnect (HDi) product line with a variety of connector configurations to system designers to optimize packaging miniaturization while maintaining electrical and mechanical robustness. These solutions are based on snap-in interfaces, SMP, SMPM and SMPS per MIL-STD-348B, and are ideal for applications requiring lighter weight, high densities, and higher performance. Additional High Density Interconnects (HDi) features include: PCB mounting types; surface mount, through mount, surface mount right angle, and edge mount. Interfaces offered include 1.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SSMA, SMP, SMPM, SMPS and more. Coaxial-to-PCB transition simulation service provided at NO COST.
  • Passive RF Components: MegaPhase components cover a wide range of frequencies, power levels and applications. MegaPhase offers a variety of directional rf couplers, power dividers/combiners and quad hybrids in narrow band and ultra-broadband designs ranging from .1 GHz to 18 GHz. The in-house engineering team brings decades of experience and knowledge designing and manufacturing RF components for military, commercial and space applications.


MegaPhase is headquartered in Stroudsburg, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, USA, where all aspects of design and manufacturing take place. The company is located approximately 75 miles (120km) due west of New York City and 100 miles (160km) north of Philadelphia. Our 20,000sf facility features:

  • RF Testing on 100% of all shipped products using a state-of-the-art RF test lab featuring Keysight microwave vector network analyzers ranging in capability from 10 MHz through 110 GHz.
  • Semi-rigid cables are bent to the highest level of precision with a custom-designed, programmable CNC cable bending machine.
  • MegaPhase uses advanced manufacturing techniques and manages its operations using Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.
  • Designs are created using PTC CREO® and SolidWorks® 3D modeling software, complimented by CST Microwave Studio® for EM simulation.
  • A three-axis Citizen CNC swiss turning center for rapid prototypes and connector manufacturing.
  • Full flat- and round-braiding capabilities; foil wrap lines; extrusion lines.
  • MegaPhase maintains its systems within the NIST 800-171 cyber security framework.


MegaPhase is proud to offer a wide range of innovative solutions for the RF/Microwave industry. Our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable products has led us to develop a number of unique technologies that have been awarded various patents. These patents are a testament to our dedication to advancing the field of RF/Microwave interconnects, and we are pleased to share them with our customers. Below is a list of our patented technologies, each designed to improve the performance and functionality of our products. More information on these can be found here.

Hermetic Cable Adapter
Patent# 8,840,413
Issue Date: 9/23/14

Clockable Cable Adapter
Patent #: 8,992,250
Issue Date: 3/31/15

Coaxial Angled Adapter
Patent #: 9,054,471
Issue Date: 6/9/15

Coaxial adapter with an adapter body forward projecting member
Patent #: 9,431,780
Issue Date: 8/30/16

Solderless coaxial cable connector and installation thereof
Patent#: 10,897,109
Issue date 1/19/21

High-power coaxial adapters and connectors
Patent#: US20220200217A1
Published 06/23/22

High-power coaxial adapters and connectors
Patent#: US11539175B2
Published 12/27/22