Semi-Rigid Cables to 110 GHz - Megaphase

Semi-Rigid Cables to 110 GHz

Custom and Standard Designs Using CNC Bending

  • Catalog or Build-to-Print
  • Stable Performance
  • Custom Design Services
  • Precision CNC Bends
  • Sizes 0.034in (0.86mm) to .25in (6.35mm)
  • Wide Variety of Connectors

MegaPhase offers high reliability semi-rigid cable assemblies in a variety of configurations. With precision CNC bending, our customers are guaranteed consistency among multiple assemblies. MegaPhase offers custom design services complete with engineering drawings. These assemblies are MIL-DTL-17 qualified, typically with a tin-plated copper outer conductor. Applications include delay lines, switch matrices, test fixtures, instrumentation, and other integrated systems.

Part Numbers

SR086, SR141