Our Team - Megaphase

Meet the MegaPhase Team

Slide Maddiel Gonzalez &
Stéphane Orofino
Engineering Team Solutions Team Bill Pote & Dave Lutkins Dominique Santapaola, Rachel Cartalemi,
Kasey Snyder, Nicole McCullough
Leadership Team

Bill Pote

Founder & CEO

Dave Lutkins

Vice President & Co-Founder

Mike Pelenskij

Vice President, General Manager

Eric Baumgartel

Production Manager

Rachel Cartalemi

Director of Sales & Marketing

Dave Critelli

National Sales Manager

Paula French

Accounting Manager

Maddiel Gonzales

Chief Engineer

Kim Katz


Nicole McCullough

Customer Solutions Specialist

Stéphane Orofino

Design Engineer

Dominique Santapaola

Marketing Manager

Michael Smith

Quality Control Manager

Kasey Snyder

Customer Solutions Specialist


Team Mascot