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Space Grade Cables & Connectors

Semi-Rigid and Ultra-Light

Through 90GHz

  • Phase Stable Over Temperature
  • Low Loss
  • Hand-Formable
  • 40% Lighter Than Copper
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Standard Semi-Rigid Coax

Solderless with Superior Behind-the-Connector Flexibility

Through 67 GHz

  • Unique Flexibility at the Termination
  • Minimizes Mechanical Fatigue
  • For Applications Requiring Tight Bends and Routing “Inside the Box”
  • Three Diameters Available: .090 in., .120 in. and .141 in.

Ultra Low Loss Performance

Through 67 GHz

  • Excellent Shielding Effectiveness – 11dB
  • Low VSWR
  • Helical Foil/Brand Outer Conductor
  • Super Flexible
  • Lightweight

Optimized Super
SMA Connectors

Industry-Leading Operating
Frequency & VSWR Performance

Through 32 GHz

  • MIL-STD-348 Compliant
  • Low VSWR at High Operating Frequencies
  • Ideal for Aerospace, Satellite, Military and Telecommunication Applications
  • For use with MegaPhase AlumiBend™ AL141 Series Cables

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