HyperFlex™ Flexible Coaxial Cables | Through 67 GHz | MegaPhase

HyperFlex™ Flexible, Solderless Coaxial Cables to 67 GHz

Superior Behind the Connector Flexibility

  • Space grade
  • Unique flexibility at the termination
  • Minimizes mechanical fatigue
  • For applications requiring tight bends/routing and “inside-the-box”

MegaPhase’s patented HyperFlex cables offer higher flexibility up to 67 GHz, far superior to traditional solder-terminated connectors of similar sizes and applications. HyperFlex™ flexible coaxial cables incorporate solder-less terminations, eliminating solder wicking and enabling tight, right-angle bends directly behind the connector with less mechanical fatigue. This cable is ideally suited for inside-the-box and small form factor applications where tight routing is required, and comes in three different diameters: .090 in., .120 in. and .141 in.

Part Numbers

HFx090, HFx120, HFx141