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MegaPhase ZN™ Bayonet Connectors Equivalent to Type N through 15 GHz
November 9, 2009
Over 150,000 MegaPhase Cables Help Allied Forces Defeat IEDs
August 17, 2010
MegaPhase ZN™ Bayonet Connectors Equivalent to Type N through 15 GHz
November 9, 2009
Over 150,000 MegaPhase Cables Help Allied Forces Defeat IEDs
August 17, 2010

MegaPhase Introduces “Cash for Cables” Trade-in Program

Replace Failing Cables with Fast Deliveries on MegaPhase Phase Stable Cables

Stroudsburg, PA – February 10, 2010 — MegaPhase, a leading U.S. manufacturer of RF/Microwave coaxial cable, cable assemblies, connectors and RF components, is launching its own stimulus plan—the “Cash for Cables” Trade-in Program. Broadband networking and wireless communications test and measurement labs and Instrumentation OEMs can earn up to a $200.00 trade-in allowance when they send MegaPhase any competitor’s cable.

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MegaPhase’s “Cash for Cables” trade-in offer provides a limited time discount to test and measurement engineers to:

  • Experience the benefits of MegaPhase’s durable super flexible, phase stable RF cables
  • Replace failing cables
  • Save budget dollars for equipment

MegaPhase designs and manufactures industry-leading test port extension cables for applications through 67 GHz, including RF Orange™, MegaPhase VNA, SiteLine™ Armored Field Test, EMC Lab Test, T-Vac Altitude Test and introducing the IM Series Low PIM Flexible Test Cable and RF Green™, featuring RoHS compliance and zero halogen materials.

“We hear from our customers MegaPhase consistently meets the demands of high-volume testing facilities,” reports William Pote, CEO and president of Megaphase. “Our ability to meet tight deadlines with high-quality cables and connectors that perform extremely well in these labs has made the MegaPhase cables a staple in most testing and measurement labs in the United States and throughout the world. The MegaPhase cables perform exceptionally well in labs that need rapid connect and disconnects, flexible cables to function in limited space, and phase stability,” he adds.

MegaPhase meets these requirements by providing:

  • Fast Delivery
    Most standard products ship within 48 hours to get the test and measurement cables to you when you need them, providing the very best overall value in the industry.
  • Rugged Durability
    MegaPhase’s armored jacket and boot allow our cables to withstand the rigors of mass testing, including resistance to torque, crush, and weather.
  • Flexibility
    MegaPhase’s GrooveTube® technology makes the cable uniquely suited for testing conditions where space and maneuverability are limited.
  • Precision
    MegaPhase’s GrooveTube® technology assures the best phase and amplitude stability for repeatable, accurate measurements.
  • Reduced Testing & Measurement Costs
    Quick-connect bayonet-style connectors save installation time and engineering costs.
  • Lowest Cost per Measurement™
    All MegaPhase products provide the lowest cost per measurement™ meaning fewer calibrations, longer useful life and fewer procurement cycles.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    MegaPhase test cables feature instrument-grade reliability backed by our money-back guarantee.

“Our customers tell us MegaPhase cables are ‘The Best Darn Cable Ever’. With the Cash for Cables trade-in program, other labs can now test and verify the advantages of our cables for themselves,” Pote observes. “MegaPhase RF cables cost between 68%-75% less than the competition for better quality—arguably the very best overall value in the industry.”

MegaPhase offers 50+ different products lines including precision semi rigid cables up to large OD high power flexible cable assemblies. Many different packing options for armor, improved RF shielding, jacketing including NBCW and severe environments. Phase matching and thermal cycling are also available.

Trade Up to MegaPhase’s Excellence in RF Interconnects to earn the following discounts:

VN, SL and EM Series Cables
Less than 18 GHz $50
18.1 to 26.5 GHz $75
26.6 to 40 GHz $125
40.1 to 50 GHz $150
50.1 to 67 GHz $200


SF, TM and VN Series Test Cables
Less than 8.5 GHz $20
8.6 to 18 GHz $25
18.1 to 26.5 GHz $50
26.6 to 40 GHz $100
40.1 to 50 GHz $125
50.1 to 67 GHz $150

Others available upon request.

The “Cash for Cables” stimulus program is a limited time offer. To take advantage of the offer, companies need to send MegaPhase the cables with your replacement order by March 31, 2010.

About MegaPhase, LLC — MegaPhase is an ISO-9001:2008 certified privately-held company that designs, manufactures and sells RF/Microwave coaxial cable, cable assemblies, connectors and RF components through 70 GHz. Located in Stroudsburg, PA, MegaPhase customers include OEMs in instrumentation, broadband networking, wireless communications, semiconductor, advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, space and defense. MegaPhase products include GrooveTube® test cables, semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables for advanced systems, test adapters and coaxial connectors. MegaPhase’s broadband and high frequency interconnect technologies include coaxial cables have been used reliably to test smart phones, transmit signals on the US Navy’s new AWACS E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, Agilent’s new FireFox® handheld analyzers, and many other high-profile projects.