MegaPhase Welcomes Altaix Electronica as the newest members to the Sales Team - Megaphase
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March 14, 2012
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March 30, 2012

MegaPhase Welcomes Altaix Electronica as the newest members to the Sales Team

Altaix Electronica will be representing MegaPhase internationally in Spain and Portugal

Stroudsburg, PA – Monday, March 26, 2012- MegaPhase is pleased to announce that Altaix Electronica has been selected as the most recent addition to the MegaPhase Sales Team. Altaix Electronica will offer a wide range of high quality services, based on their proficient knowledge of Test & Measurement and  RF Technologies solutions.

In addition, Altaix Electronica will bring over 20 years of comprehensive technical background in products and solutions that include: Aerospace, Defense and Telecom, and the Industrial sector. The combination of expertise at MegaPhase and Altaix Electronica in RF/Microwave technology will enhance customers’ capabilities to develop reliable end to end solutions. Altaix Electronica will be responsible for promoting and marketing MegaPhase’s industry leading interconnect product line in Spain and Portugal.

MegaPhase is proud to have Altaix Electronica as the new representatives in Spain and Portugal as they continue to grow in this strategic region and further advance their capabilities. MegaPhase remains the standard for Excellence in RF Interconnects; customers may continue to easily reach MegaPhase at and Altaix Electronica at