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June 24, 2020
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July 16, 2020

MegaPhase Launches a 32 GHz Optimized Super SMA Connector

The SMA connector interface has been on the market since the late 1950’s, and throughout the years design improvements have extended the operating frequency from the initially developed frequency of 18 GHz, up to 27.5 GHz. SMA connectors operating at 27.5 GHz are widely known as a “Thick-Wall SMA” or “Super SMA.” MegaPhase announces the Optimized Super SMA with a 32 GHz operating frequency, leading with precision reflection (VSWR) performance. MegaPhase, with its team of design experts, drives innovations in Microwave / coax RF connectors and improvement of interconnects supporting aerospace, satellite, military and telecommunication applications.


The Optimized Super SMA design maintains transition ID differences or steps to a minimum to achieve low VSWR for high operating frequencies. In the detailed view (Table A), one can observe the ID differences between male and female across three different design approaches: Classic, Super, and the MegaPhase Optimized SMA designs. The MegaPhase Optimized SMA design maintains compliance with the interface standard MIL-STD-348 while significantly improving operating frequency and VSWR performance.