State of PA Keystone Edge Features MegaPhase - Megaphase
How To? Care & Handle Cable Assemblies
December 13, 2011
How To? Care & Handle Cable Assemblies
December 20, 2011

State of PA Keystone Edge Features MegaPhase

Keystone Edge features MegaPhase as “Growth Companies” under the Advanced Manufacturing & Materials section on their website.  Read the full article.

If the Product Innovation Award in 2005 and multiple grants from Ben Franklin Technology Partners weren’t enough, perhaps the thousands of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq put MegaPhase over the top. The Monroe County-based designer and manufacturer of RF cable components has more than 100,000 cables used in both countries to operate critical systems used by U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to disrupt remote-controlled improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

MegaPhase offers more than 50 product lines. That includes its GrooveTube test cables, which have been used reliably to test things ranging from Sprint-Nextel cell phones to the U.S. Navy’s latest tactical aircraft. The company’s customers include original equipment manufacturers in instrumentation, broadband networking, wireless communications, semiconductor advanced microwave and optical electronic systems.

Durability seems to be MegaPhase’s most desired asset. Its armored jacket and boot allow its cables to withstand mass testing and harsh weather. Its cables also boast bayonet-style connectors that save on installation time and engineering costs and are ideal for antenna systems.

Early in 2010 the company was notified its application to become a HUBZone Small Business Concern was approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration. That means MegaPhase will be positioned to dramatically increase its government contracting growth plans and strengthen its foothold in electronic defense contracting. The company plans to expand its workforce in the coming years, as well.