UltraPhase Coaxial Cables | Through 110 GHz | MegaPhase

Phase and Temperature Stable Performance

  • Phase Stable Over Temperature
  • Phase & Amplitude Stable V. Flex
  • Low Loss
  • No PTFE “Knee” From +15 to +22 °C
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Light Weight
  • Space Qualified

MegaPhase UltraPhase™ products offer thermal stability without sacrificing insertion loss and phase stability versus flexure. This light weight product line features linearity across a wide temperature range, without the notorious PTFE “knee” at ambient temperatures. UltraPhase™ is ideal for applications including both air-, sea-, and ground-based phased array radars, sensors, mobile backhaul, and temperature testing. A wide variety of connectors are available for this type of coaxial RF cables.

Part Numbers

E05, E08, E12

MegaPhase UltraPhase™ Cable

Phase vs. Temperature


Insertion Loss


Cable CW Power Handling