The Warrior Cable® to 50 GHz - Megaphase

The Warrior Cable® to 50 GHz

Rugged and Crush-Proof—When Downtime is Not an Option

  • Soldier Proof Solution
  • Stable Under Vibration and Abuse
  • Crush Resistant to 250 lbs/linear in (45 kg/linear cm)
  • Rugged GrooveTube® Technology
  • Proprietary Pull-Resistant Connector Design
  • Jacketed to withstand the elements, including chemicals.

The MegaPhase Warrior Cable® is a combat proven, “soldier proof” solution ideal for ground-based EW and ECM. This cable is internally armored with GrooveTube® Technology, a crush-proof outer conductor, surviving in the harshest conditions including salt, fog, humidity, dust, sand, vibration, and flexure.

Convoluted copper cable is innovated and manufactured at MegaPhase under a licensing agreement with Flexco Microwave, Inc.

Part Numbers

F520, F520x