SMP3 Interfaces | Through V & W Bands | MegaPhase

Quality Electrical Performance Through V and W Bands

SMP3 Interfaces are ideal for applications with ultra-high density interconnect requirements where quality electrical performance is required up to V and W frequency bands using a plug-in interface. The SMP3 interface is designed with frequency cutoff above 90 GHz and specified by MegaPhase up to 70 GHz.

  • RF coax cable: UltraPhase™ Low Loss, Ultra Phase Stable
  • Connector Interface: SMPS, Male Full Detent
  • DC – 70 GHz, VSWR: 1.30:1, Max.
  • 30% smaller than SMPM
  • 45% smaller than SMP

SMP3 Male Bulkhead

FD for .047" Cable