RF Green™ Test Cables | Through 26.5 GHz | MegaPhase

Low Environmental Impact Meets High Performance

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Zero Halogen
  • Zero Flourine
  • Armored
  • Phase Stable
  • Light Weight

RF Green™ eco-friendly test cables prove that MegaPhase is the leader in high performance cables with minimal environmental impact. In addition to using eutectic RoHS-compliant solders (Pb-free), these lightweight assemblies use a cellular polyethylene dielectric to eliminate Fluorine typically found in PTFE-based products. The jacketing and labels are made from SmartGrid rubber, a Zero-Halogen solution to further our commitment to reduce environmental impact. These rugged cables offer a maximum frequency of 26.5 GHz and provide a great overall value for your laboratory without expanding your carbon footprint.

Part Numbers

GR4, GR8, GR18, GR26

RF Green™ Test Cables to 26.5 GHz

RF Green Power vs. Frequency


RF Green IL vs. Frequency