Killer Bee® Test Cables to 50 GHz - Megaphase

Killer Bee® Test Cables to 50 GHz

Phase & Amplitude Stable Performance through Ka-Band

  • Phase Stable
  • Low VSWR
  • Low Loss
  • Armored
  • Wide Variety of Connectors
  • Ultra-Flexible

The MegaPhase Killer Bee® features low loss and outstanding phase and amplitude stability over flexure and temperature. Featuring our proprietary Boundless™ low loss dielectric, this rugged and light-weight test cable provides a long service life with repeatable performance through the life of the cable. A wide variety of connectors and phase matching are available. Fewer calibrations mean less downtime, resulting in the MegaPhase promise of Lowest Cost Per Measurement™.

Part Numbers

KB4, KB8, KB18, KB26, KB32, KB40, KB50