JumpShot™ Cables to 18 GHz - Megaphase

JumpShot™ Cables to 18 GHz

Low Cost Jumper Cables for Systems Integration

  • Replacement for RG402 and RG405
  • Cost Effective
  • Ultra-Flexible
  • Double Shielded Outer Conductor
  • Blue FEP Jacket
  • .086in (1.2mm) and .141in (2.18mm) Diameters

The MegaPhase JumpShot™ is an easily installable cable designed for fixed installations such as ATE, switch matrix, and board fixtures where multiple flexures and mating cycles are not anticipated. This flexible alternative to semi-rigid RG402 and RG405 feature a small diameter and great flexibility through 18 GHz. A wide variety of connectors are available.

Part Numbers

B08, B14