High Density Interconnects (HDi) - Megaphase

High Density Interconnects (HDi)

When Lightweight, Higher Density And Performance Are Critical

  • Solutions include PCB mounting types: surface mount, through mount, surface mount right angle, and edge mount.
  • Interfaces offered: 1.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SSMA, SMP, SMPM, SMP3 and more.
  • Coaxial-to-PCB transition simulation service provided at NO COST. Our customers provide the PCB stack up (layered thickness, materials, and transmission waveguide type) and, upon completion, our customers receive the connector transition in DXF format.
The MegaPhase High-Density Interconnect product line offers a large variety of connector configurations to system designers to optimize packaging miniaturization while maintaining electrical and mechanical robustness. When lightweight, higher density and performance are critical to the application, MegaPhase’s line of High-Density Interconnects and High-Density Packages is the answer. Solutions are based on snap-in interfaces, SMP, SMPM and SMPS per MIL-STD-348B. We offer PCB mount (Edge, Surface and Through mount), cable connectors, adapters, hermetics, and multiports.