Waterproof coaxial Connectors - Hermetic rf connectors IP67 & IP68 | MegaPhase

Waterproof coaxial Connectors: IP67 & IP68 Rated in Unmated Conditions

Hermetically sealed waterproof coaxial connector 2.4mm designs offer a compact coaxial cable connector envelope and are watertight in unmated conditions. Rated to IP67 and IP68, these connectors have the ability to withstand rain, 100% condensation, and water submersion up to 1m depth. Extreme applications demand high-performance and reliable interconnects in severe environments including ground, sea, and airborne applications. Every potential water ingression path is mitigated with at least two waterproofing methods to maintain long-lasting performance under extreme environmental conditions. Other interfaces and cable types upon request.

  • Coaxial Cable: UltraPhase™ Low Loss, Ultra Phase Stable
  • Interface of weatherproof coax connector: 2.4mm (40 GHz Max.)
  • Available Protection: GrooveTube® Armor