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April 24, 2012
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MegaPhase Welcomes Wavelength Electronics as the Newest Members to the Sales Team

Wavelength Electronics will be representing MegaPhase Internationally in the United Kingdom

MegaPhase is pleased to announce that Wavelength Electronics has been selected as the most recent addition to the MegaPhase Sales Team. Wavelength Electronics will offer a wide range of high quality services, based on their proficient knowledge of Test & Measurement and RF Technologies solutions.

In addition, Wavelength Electronics will bring 20 years of comprehensive technical background in RF/Microwave products. The Wavelength Electronics team consists of qualified personnel who have represented the leaders in RF Technology; they have exemplified long and focused technical sales@radiocomp.netbackground to become one of the most valued representatives in the UK.

Wavelength Electronics will provide technical and sales support in the UK and will introduce MegaPhase’s existing and new products to design and test engineers.  The combination of expertise at MegaPhase and Wavelength Electronics in RF/Microwave technology will enhance customers’ capabilities to develop reliable end to end solutions.

MegaPhase is proud to have Wavelength Electronics as the new representatives in the UK as they continue to grow in this strategic region and further advance their capabilities. MegaPhase remains the standard for Excellence in RF Interconnects; customers may continue to easily reach MegaPhase at  and Wavelength Electronics at