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MegaPhase supports AUSA at the Tobyhanna Chapter

Stroudsburg, PA, Jan.10, 2012- As AUSA members we find it incredibly important to support our local chapters. Today MegaPhase joined NEPA at the Tobyhanna Army Depot for an informative luncheon featuring COL. Charles (Chuck) C. Gibson.

COL. Gibson emphasized the need to support your local chapters and become members, he reiterated the need to provide jobs and maintain jobs, and the future outlook for Tobyhanna. With expectancies in budget cuts, COL. Gibson reassured the room that this was something that is inevitable, yet they are doing everything in their power to ensure as many jobs as possible. Tobyhanna Army Depot is one of the largest employers in NEPA-producing over 19,000 jobs.

Tobyhanna Army Depot looks to expansions and renovations in many of the buildings in the Depot, especially the C4ISR finishing center. Tobyhanna is a profitable, important local commodity with $1billion in received orders in fiscal year 2011 and $889.1 million in revenue for the fiscal year 2011. Tobyhanna is preparing for years to come with projects that include Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar(LCMR) and Enhanced AN/TPQ-36 (EQ-36) Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar projection for FY14.

COL. Charles Gibson closed his speech with the emphasis that Tobyhanna is no longer just a depot it is far much more, it is The Logistics Support Center for C4ISR.

Tobyhanna Army Depot