Introducing the New HyperFlex™ Cable

Superior Flexibility for Military, Aerospace and Space to 67 GHz

MegaPhase's HyperFlex™ Series Cable offers superior flexibility when compared to traditional solder-terminated connectors of similar sizes and applications. The patented HyperFlex™ Cable incorporates a solder-less termination, eliminating solder wicking and enabling tight, right-angle bends directly behind the connector.


Stay Flexible

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Hyperflex Form

Three Size Options

The Hyperflex™ offers 3 different series, with a .090", .120", 0.141" diameter ranging from DC - 67 GHz.

Group 453

Space-Qualified Flexibility

This cable is ideally suited for inside-the-box and small form factor applications where tight routing is required such as military airframes or airframe components.
Group 453

Minimizes Mechanical Fatigue

Specially designed to significantly reduce mechanical fatigue, a solderless connector design enables bending directly behind the connector without affecting performance or function.
Group 453

Industry Leading

MegaPhase is an industry leader in radio frequency interconnection solutions, providing the most trusted RF & Microwave cables, connectors and components for a wide range of commercial telecom and military markets.