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How To? Care & Handle Cable Assemblies

LET’S BEGIN with Connector Interfaces


Interface Cleanliness is essential in caring and handling of your cable assemblies.Clean Interfaces prolong connector life and produce more accurate, repeatable measurements. The use of connector end-caps to protect test cables and adapters when not in use is recommended. Follow these few guidelines to ensure that you are properly and carefully handling your connectors.

  • Interface Cleaning Procedure:


Connector Insulators, support beads, and seals are susceptible to solvent damage. Solvents can produce permanentphysical and electrical damage. Isopropyl Alcohol is recommended for cleaning interfaces. It should be noted that connector interfaces should not be immersed in solvents of any kind because solvents can become trapped within the connectorized assembly. Trapped fluids can cause SWR, Phase, and Insertion Loss problems.


Fibrous or Abrasive applicators can contaminate and even damage interface surfaces. Clean lint free swabs should be used. They need to be sharp enough and hard enough to remove dirt and debris without damaging surfaces and/or dislodging center pins.


Dip a clean lint free swab in clean isopropyl alcohol. Press excess alcohol out of swab on a clean lint free towel. Wipe the interface components as required to clean the interface. Blow-dry the interface with clean compressed air. Reinspect the connector to verify that the interface is clean and ready for additional inspection procedures and interface gauging prior to use.