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September 1, 2023
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MegaPhase Cables Selected for JLTV Program

MegaPhase Cables Selected for JLTV Program

Stroudsburg, PA -November 2, 2023 – MegaPhase, a leading provider of cutting-edge RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave interconnect products, is proud to announce a significant achievement in securing the coveted JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) program contract. This contract comes with a contract ceiling of $20 million over the next five years, solidifying MegaPhase’s position as a key player in the defense and technology industries.

The JLTV program, a crucial initiative for the modernization of the United States Armed Forces, aims to provide a versatile and highly capable, armored light tactical vehicle that can be used across various military branches. MegaPhase’s success in securing this contract highlights the company’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and its commitment to supporting the defense community.

MegaPhase’s comprehensive expertise in RF and microwave cable assemblies, coupled with a rich history of delivering high-performance solutions to ground-based EW, made the company the ideal choice for the JLTV program. The contract, spanning over five years with a ceiling of $20 million, represents a significant opportunity for MegaPhase to contribute to the enhancement of military capabilities.

“We are honored to be chosen as a partner for the JLTV program, and we take this responsibility very seriously,” said Bill Pote, CEO at MegaPhase. “Our team is excited to leverage our technological prowess and experience to deliver advanced interconnect solutions that will help support the objectives of the United States Armed Forces. This is not just a contract; it’s a commitment to the safety and effectiveness of our military personnel.”

MegaPhase’s dedication to quality, precision, and innovation has been a hallmark of its success. With the JLTV program contract in hand, the company is well-positioned to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technology that will bolster the capabilities of military vehicles.

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