SiteLine™ Armored Test Cables to 50 GHz - Megaphase

SiteLine™ Armored Test Cables to 50 GHz

Rugged Armored Cables Designed for Severe Environments

  • Phase & Amplitude Stable
  • Crush Proof 250 lbs/in (.46 kg/cm)
  • Field and High Impact Production
  • Rugged Armor
  • Severe Environment
  • Flight Line Testing

MegaPhase’s SiteLine™ test cable assemblies are protected by a super-rugged armor designed for severe environments, such as flightline, outdoor antenna testing, and demanding production environments. This “gorilla proof” cable endures torque, twist, and crush forces better than any cable on the market, period. Ideal for use with FieldFox®, SiteMaster™, and Site Analyzer®.

Part Numbers

SL4, SL8, SL18, SL26, SL32, SL34, SL40, SL50