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MegaPhase strives to be the most trusted provider of RF & Microwave cables and components through world-class service, technology and people.

We translate our Company Vision into value for our customers by:

  • Listening to our customers and doing whatever it takes help them keep their competitive edge. This means meeting or exceeding technical, financial and delivery goals.
  • Making it easy to work with us by providing the absolute best service before and after the sale.
  • Consistently delivering the most innovative products to the highest quality standards.

Customer Trust is built by actions, not words. You can rely on MegaPhase to provide not only great products, but fast turnarounds on quote requests, order confirmations and best yet deliveries.

At MegaPhase we don’t just pay “lip service” to our vision. We live and breathe it every day, and sincerely hope you notice the difference between MegaPhase and other providers.

Our Team’s performance is graded in several categories, but we place great weight on the quality of our products and services, and fast turnaround times.

The products we design and manufacture are made with a true commitment to quality, not just because we have an ISO certificate–because we care that we deliver a product to you that works 100% of the time. Whether you are in a test lab, production or in the field, we know how important cables and components can be. The weakest link in a chain won’t be products from MegaPhase.

If your products have a problem or you break them many years down the road, MegaPhase has the most aggressive warranty policy and service system that insures customer satisfaction or a refund.

Thank you for your business,

Bill Pote & the MegaPhase Team


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