MegaPhase® Probe Station Test Cables to 110 GHz - Megaphase

MegaPhase® Probe Station Test Cables to 110 GHz

Every Detail Is Designed For Dynamic Probe Station Measurements

  • Phase and Amplitude Stable
  • VSWR of 1.35:1 through 110 GHz
  • Accurate On-Wafer Measurements
  • Angled Connectors for Probe Stations
  • Small Diameter
  • Precision Connectors

The Probe Station test cables are specifically designed for dynamic probe station measurements and offer low loss, phase stable performance through 110 GHz. These test cables have a semi-rigid formed angle to insure the station head has complete freedom of movement. Available with 2.92mm connectors through 40 GHz, 2.4mm connectors through 50 GHz, 1.85mm connectors through 70 GHz, and 1.0mm connectors through 110 GHz.

Part Numbers

PS40, PS50, PS67, PS110