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Broadband Test Cable

Broadband bt

75-ohm Cables for Testing of IoT Devices, Cable Modems, CATV, IPTV, and Broadcast Components

- Low return loss of -30dB at 4 GHz
- Precision connectors Type N, F & BNC
- Rugged and lightweight 
- GrooveTube® Outer Conductor Technology
- DC-8 GHz

MegaPhase 75-ohm test cables offer an ideal alternative to expensive OEM cables employed in bench-top testing of devices in broadcast, IoT, satellite and cable TV receivers, cable modems, High Definition televisions, AM/FM radio receivers, and police scanners. These test cables are designed to survive in rugged test environments and provide stable performance under flexure enabling repeatable measurements between calibrations. The cables are available in matched sets and can be color-coded.

Maximum Frequency:
BT: 8.0 GHz
75.0 Ω nominal
Propagation Velocity:
BT: 66.0% nominal
Time Delay:
BT: 1.21 ns/ft (3.97 ns/m)
Shielding Effectiveness:
BT: -110.0 dB minimum (cable only)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
BT: 3.0 kV at 60 Hz
Nominal Capacitance:
BT: 15.8 pF/ft (51.8 pF/m)
Finished Outer Diameter:
BT: 0.285 in (0.724 cm)
Static Bend Radius:
BT: 1.5 in (3.810 cm)
Weight with Standard Jacket/Armor:
BT: 0.06 lbs/ft (0.089 kg/m)
Crush Resistance:
BT: 250 lbs/linear 44.7 kg/linear cm
Operating Temp. Range:
BT: -67 to 185° F (-55 to 85° C)
Inner Conductor:
BT: Solid Ag-plated Cu
BT: Foamed Polyethylene
Outer Conductor:
BT: GrooveTube® Cu
Standard Finish:
BT: Polyolefin over Metallic Braid
BNC Plug Straight
BNC Jack Straight
BNC bulkhead Jack
BNC Plug Factory Formed RA
BNC Jack Factory Formed RA
Type N Plug Straight (Hex+Knurl Nut)
Type N Jack Straight
Type N Bulkhead Jack
Type N Plug Factory Formed RA (Hex+Knurl Nut)
Type N Jack Factory Formed RA
F Plug Straight
F Plug Factory Formed RA